Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

It’s important to take many factors into account when selecting a company to design and construct your patio, deck and/or poolside decking. Obviously price is one of these factors; but it isn’t the most important. Proven experience, quality, integrity, variety and service offering should all be taken into account as well. The Patio & Deck Company prides itself on holding these factors in the highest regard.

Local Builders

We are a Townsville-based company that has over 30 years of experience in the local building industry. Our successful track record speaks for itself and lets you know that we are at the top of our game. What this means for you is that you can rest assured that when you’re dealing with us, you’re dealing with a secure and trusted building company.

In addition to this, our designers, builders, carpenters and other employees hold decades worth of tried and proven experience between them. We’ve been doing this for long enough to assure you that if you go with us, you’re making a safe choice!

Commitment to Quality

The company manager is a registered builder who takes a personal approach to quoting and supervising on all work sites.

Our highly experienced installers are registered tradespeople who hold years of experience with building in cyclone-prone areas.

Professional Service

A design consultant will help to manage your project. This means your life will be made easier by only having to deal with one contact to answer all your questions throughout the course of your outdoor area upgrade.

All drafting is done in-house which means we take care of your project from first point of contact to completion, without any hassles for you!