Decking Solutions

Decking to open your living area

The term ‘decking’ refers to what is quite often a wooden platform built aboveground and is usually connected to the main building (it can also be standalone); decking is usually enclosed by a railing or balustrade for safety reasons. Access to deck areas may be from the ground via a stairway or from the house through doors (or a combination of both). It’s possible to construct built-up decks over steep areas or rough ground that would otherwise be considered unusable.

Outdoor decking

Choosing to compliment your home with outdoor decking not only increases outdoor living space, it also adds value. By adding a deck to your home you can enjoy all the advantages offered by an extra space for entertainment or relaxation. Because your deck will face year-round exposure to external conditions such as the sun, rain, wind and fire hazards it’s important to consider the materials before construction commences.

Choice of materials

There are a variety of materials that can be used to build your outdoor decking area. Our expert builders will advise, plan and build your deck by first taking into account the best materials for your house and its location. Depending on your personal situation, your deck can be built from timber composites, hardwoods or steel.