Contemporary Patio Solutions

With a SolarSpan insulated patio installed on your home, you can enjoy all of the benefits provided by design flexibility and freedom.

Solar PanelsChoosing a SolarSpan insulated patio means that you can custom design your patio to match your lifestyle. Your new patio or pergola will look fantastic in either powder-coated or Colorbond steel.

Better still, it looks fantastic, is easy to maintain and will compliment your home for many years to come. With a SolarSpan patio or pergola solution, you can turn your outdoor area into a space that you’ll want to use all year round.

SolarSpan Insulated Patios

When you choose to use The Patio & Deck Company you will be working with a company that uses 100% Australian-made SolarSpan insulated patios. They feature a double-sided Colorbond steel roof with a polystyrene core that’s up to 90mm thick, which allows it to span incredible distances while still allowing you to keep cool and walk on the roof (should the need arise).

Other benefits include:
•    All radiated heat is blocked
•    Noise is reduced
•    Low maintenance
•    Impressive strength and durability

This compact and durable roof system has been in use in North Queensland for over 30 years!